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From academies and agriculture to travel and tourism, our clients come from all corners of business. Our team of experts provides experience and advice to businesses in a variety of sectors.

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Forrester Boyd is one of the largest independent chartered accountancy practices in Lincolnshire and the Humber region. Our focus on people, both clients and employees, is at the heart of our success.

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Now based in six offices across Lincolnshire and the Humber region, our teams are perfectly placed to work closely with you. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Guiding you through every stage of the sale

Selling your business is a big decision to make, particularly if you are an owner-manager, sole trader or partnership who has invested blood, sweat and tears as well as finances into building your business from the ground up.

The decision to prepare your business for sale can arise for a variety of reasons. These may include your own hard-earned retirement, the next generation of your family choosing to pursue a different career path, an opportunity to realise your investment as the business owner, or you may choose to dispose of part of your business though sale of a non-core division or subsidiary.

However, even when the decision has been made, the process of selling your business can be extremely demanding. We can take away much of the pressure of preparing your business for sale to ensure that you are able to concentrate on running your business.

Our corporate finance team will support you through the financial, taxation and commercial aspects of selling your business, through to completion stage, ensuring that the transaction is properly planned and executed efficiently and confidentially.

How we can help

Our services typically include:

  • preparing a detailed Sale Memorandum combining history, financial, commercial and qualitative information on your business
  • identifying potential purchasers through detailed research and using extensive UK, European and Global company databases
  • preparing a confidential Taster Document to introduce the opportunity to an appropriate contact of the potential purchasers
  • preparing a disclosure agreement to maintain confidentiality with potential purchasers
  • considering the financial and taxation implications of the offers received
  • negotiating the best price and terms with potential acquirers to maximise your proceeds
  • working with your solicitors to finalise the sale and purchase agreement and to complete the transaction within the required timescale

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Selling a business

If you would like a confidential discussion about the options for selling your business with Mike Beckett please call on 01482 889400.