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Matthew Priest

Christmas Gifts to staff and clients

All you need know about Christmas gifts to staff, including cash or vouchers. Plus we cover whether a Christmas party really is tax free.

Paul Tofton

What are the business benefits of having an electric car?

The government provides tax incentives to encourage limited company owners to have EV’s (electric vehicles) as company cars rather than petrol or diesel. Some tax advantages also apply to hybrid vehicles although their tax efficiency depends upon their electric range and are not considered here.

Philip George
Limited Company

What are my duties as a director of a company?

As a director, your primary responsibility is to provide strategic and operational leadership to the company, while ensuring strict compliance with legal obligations. You will actively participate in board meetings and play a crucial role in guiding and influencing decisions that contribute to the overall success of the company.

Jenny Donnelly
Limited Company

What is a Directors’ Loan Account?

In the ordinary course of events, it is a normal occurrence for owner-managers (OM) of small and medium size businesses to be owed monies by their own companies. These monies are, in accountancy terms, known as directors’ loan or current accounts (DLA) and can arise in a variety of ways.

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