Financial support for innovative industries

Sitting in the midst of the Energy Estuary, we have been immersed in the development of the renewable energy industry for over a decade. The Humber region is seen as a world-leading cluster in the development and delivery of a renewable energy strategy.

With power stations on our doorstep pioneering carbon capture technology and with a desire to become a carbon neutral region, there is so much to shout about in terms of renewable energy.

The Humber region draws in many supply chain businesses looking to enter into this business sector. With the likes of Siemens, Drax, Dong Energy and many others operating in the region, it’s no wonder the area is an attractive prospect to any business wanting to get involved in the renewable revolution and its support industries.

Environmental issues are top of the agenda globally, which is leading to new developments and concepts continually coming to market to help us build a more sustainable place to live.

How we can help

Renewable energies are essential to preserving the future of our planet, but such technologies do come at a cost. An understanding of corporate financing, R&D tax credits and funding streams available for this sector is therefore crucial to ensuring these businesses can deliver a competitive service or product.

We work as a partner with our clients to provide a true business advisory service, ensuring we can support you not only in identifying your business goals and objectives, but also in helping you to achieve them.