Dedicated agriculture specialists, delivering a bespoke service

From field to fork, our region plays a key role in the UK’s Farming and Agriculture sector. There has never been a more important time for land owners to take stock of their current position and ensure their business models are fit for ‘the future of farming’.

As a Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire based firm, in counties with strong agricultural heritage and thriving related businesses, it is no surprise that the agriculture, farms and rural businesses sector forms a large part of what we do.

Supporting over 300 clients in farming and agriculture, from individual and family-run farms to larger estates, contracting businesses and machinery dealers, our dedicated agriculture specialists provide you with more than just an accountancy service.

Specialist support and advice, delivered by individuals who understand the issues affecting farming families and businesses.

How we can help

Our Agriculture team are experts in supporting farms and rural business with:

Succession Planning

  • LPAs
  • Wills
  • Open communication
  • Safeguarding assets
  • IHT


  • Funding
  • Grant support
  • Tax efficiencies
  • Government subsidiaries and funding support

Payments, Schemes and Grants

  • Basic payment scheme
  • Agri-environment grant schemes
  • Grants to support equipment purchases
  • Rural development grant funding


  • Improve decision making
  • Automate processes
  • Increase crop yield
  • Implement vertical farming
  • Electric/autonomous vehicles or equipment grants

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What our clients say...

Forrester Boyd has been instrumental in helping me grow my business. Their team are very professional, giving sharp, sound, solid advice whilst maintaining a friendly uncomplicated approach.

Andy Fraser – Director, County Turf Limited