Forrester Boyd News September 2019

Academy Audit Season

Tis the season to be jolly! No, not Christmas: Autumn. Read our top tips for Business Managers...

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  • 30th September 2019

Exceptional range of talent join one of the leading accountancy firms in Lincolnshire and the Humber

We are excited to welcome the class of 2019. This year’s intake of six trainee accountants have a very broad range of skills and interests that they bring with them...

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What is internal scrutiny?

Previously internal scrutiny was given less than a page worth of guidance, there are now four pages dedicated to ensuring effective internal scrutiny. Find out more in our update.

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  • 3rd September 2019

Construction sector facing government clampdown on VAT fraud

The government announced in the Spring Statement their intent to pursue legislation to shift responsibility for paying VAT along the supply chain with the introduction of a domesti...

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