Forrester Boyd News July 2021

Capital Gains Tax on Property – What’s changed?

Back in April 2020 as the world was focused on dealing with an emerging pandemic a new requirement was brought in by HMRC to report and pay capital gains tax (CGT) on disposals of ...

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  • 22nd July 2021

Chairman hands over the reins at Forrester Boyd

After 4 years at the helm, David Everatt is handing over the chairman reins to partner Mike Beckett.

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  • 19th July 2021

What now for employers with Covid restrictions being eased?

Legal restrictions in place in respect of Covid-19 will start to end today in England, Wales and Scotland. Each country is taking a slightly different approach to timings and some...

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Post Brexit Seafood Funding – What’s the Catch?

Many UK businesses have in the past benefited from schemes such as the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund however the fight to ‘take back control of our waters’ has made EU fundi...

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