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What I love about Grimsby

  • 25th January 2021

There’s nowt that grim in Grimsby, and I’ll tell you why, you’ll see,
it’s home to some amazing things, a place you’d want to be.
I thought I’d write this poem for I have a tale to tell,
it’s all about Great Grimsby - a place I know quite well!

A well-kept secret on the coast, a place where folk are kind,
where a Curious Cat serves Gin & T and Docks Beers soothes the mind!
So, what of Europe’s food town, and what you’ll find to gnaw?
We have bars, restaurants, takeaways – and eateries galore!

We love our haddock ‘whale’ round here, devoured with mushy peas,
(though the smell of Gilbey Road at times can bring us to our knees).
Before that wretched COVID struck and took our fun away,
the things to do were vast and GREAT, so much to fill the day!

We’d watch plays at the Auditorium and Caxton theatre too,
have a shopping spree in Freshney Place, to purchase something new.
We’d watch the latest Parkway flicks, feed ducks in People’s Park,
singing loyal Mighty Mariners songs down at Blundell Park.

There’s so much more to Grimsby than I could ever write,
our community’s a strong one, and try as COVID might.
Because it’s GREAT in Grimsby, and we’ve got each others’ backs,
there’s nowt that grim in Grimsby - we’ll fight COVID to the max!

by Joanne Wright

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