Coronavirus – the impact on business sectors

  • 8th April 2020

We know the impact from the Coronavirus is far reaching and all businesses are being impacted, some harder than others. And, whilst the government is working tirelessly to bring in financial help in varying ways, one of the unspoken dangers is to business sectors.

The BBC has reported this morning some of the sectors which are being impacted very hard and without support, could look very different when we come out of the other side of this pandemic without intervention. Those reported sectors include Airlines, Road Haulage, Ferries, Steel, Horticulture and Charities.

We know from our regional presence that the Holiday Homes and Parks and Hospitality sectors too are reeling from the impacts of this crisis.

We have also seen ingenuity come out of this adversity with some businesses spotting opportunities that did not exist before the crisis. Some are trying to still offer any service they can whilst in lockdown, while others have found a true gap in the market to adapt their services to a changing landscape.

What sector are you in and how have you been affected? Have you changed your business model to help ride the storm? Do share your stories with us.

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