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Empowering Green Champions: Building a Sustainable Workplace

  • 23rd November 2023

Forrester Boyd has embarked on a journey towards a greener identity, aiming to champion and manage sustainability initiatives within the workplace. The primary objective is to reduce our carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.

Steps have already been taken to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings with the implementation of LED lighting, secondary glazing and energy efficient boilers. Further works are scheduled for the remaining buildings in 2024. In the latter months of 2023, the firm also encouraged the sharing of best practices among all its offices, actively involving staff to propel forward sustainability initiatives. Significant strides have already been made, with the implementation of various measures aimed at reducing energy consumption and subsequently mitigating CO2 emissions. From the shutdown of office computers to the conscious effort of turning off lights in communal areas, the Forrester Boyd team continues to implement small yet impactful changes.

Forrester Boyd has also appointed a 'Green Champion' at each branch to spearhead the project. Plans are in place to monitor progress through key performance indicators (KPIs). The long-term vision involves creating a formal sustainability policy to guide each office, ensuring that Forrester Boyd, as a firm, plays its part in being environmentally friendly.

The firm fully comprehends the significance of embracing environmentally friendly practices, understanding that clients increasingly prioritise partnerships with businesses committed to sustainable operations. Forrester Boyd recognises the positive impact achievable through taking responsibility for these initiatives, yielding tangible results and positioning the firm as a leader in sustainable business practices.

Chief Operations Officer at Forrester Boyd, Jim Livermore, expressed pride in the firm's dedicated efforts towards creating a more sustainable workplace. ‘the creation of the Green Champions will drive forward our green initiatives to further reduce our carbon usage and the impact this can have on the environment. Simple steps can have a meaningful impact and our continuation towards becoming a ‘paper-lite’ office is progressing well. We’re keen to continue this green journey, which only works with collective endeavour and a commitment from our people to shaping a more sustainable future.’ Livermore continued, ‘We are proud to be making every effort we can to transform into a more sustainable workplace.’

As an integral part of the local community, Forrester Boyd eagerly anticipates this challenge and envisions making its workplace an inspiring model of environmental responsibility.

Written by: Jim Livermore

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