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What does Grimsby mean to you?

  • 20th January 2021

‘Grim’ was a Viking, who travelled here from sea
he liked its micro climate, so to Grimsby he did flee.
He named the town after himself, so Grimsby we became,
but what does put us on the map, and give Grimsby its fame?

Well first of all it was the fish, with trawlers near and far,
they headed to our little port, and set a very high bar.
Our fish and chips are really good, and many come to eat,
a platter of the fishy stuff that really can’t be beat.

Our dock tower built with 1 million bricks, it stands there nice and proud,
a landmark of our historic port, that should not be enshroud.
We have a language of our own, with spoggy, darl and mardy,
let’s not forget our ‘Mariners’, who definitely aren’t foolhardy.

We might be known as ‘Cod Heads’ but we’re in the Doomsday book
with Lincolnshire surrounding us, you should come and take a look.
From beaches, seal pups, market towns, to rolling countryside,
Great Grimsby is a town, that should be known far and wide.

Now renewable energy, has put us on the map,
the ‘Green Energy Capital, we’ll proudly wear that cap.
So for anyone that hears our name and thinks that Grimsby’s grim,
come ‘for the day’ or ‘for a week’, and go home with a grin.

So Grimsby's a great place to live, a great place to visit too,
we’re fiercely proud Grimbarians, what does Grimsby mean to you?

How to enter our competition

Send your poem to no later than midnight on Sunday 24th January.

Please provide your name, contact telephone number, email address, your poem and the name of your chosen Grimsby charity when entering. The winning poem will be published on social media and the author credited. You must advise us at the time of submission if you do not want to be named on the post.

The winner will be notified no later than Friday 29 January 2021.

Donation will be paid directly to the Grimsby charity of the winners choice by Forrester Boyd. The charity must be a registered charity with the charities commission. The winner will be notified by email or telephone.

This competition is being independently run by Forrester Boyd and not in partnership with any other organisation.

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