Stamp Duty Land Tax refund time limit extended

  • 18th June 2020

HMRC have announced that the three-year limit for avoiding higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax will be extended to allow for delays resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Under normal circumstances, extra SDLT may be payable for homeowners who don’t sell their old home within three years of moving into a new one. However, if Covid-19 caused a delay in selling the property, an extension may be granted.

It must be proven that the delay was purely coronavirus-related, e.g. a sale was planned between 26 March and 13 May 2020 but was not possible due to the government advice which was in force at that time.

The deadline will only be extended slightly, as the housing market is starting to open up again, so sales which were expected to happen during lockdown should now be able to proceed.

Please note that there is no extension for Capital Gains Tax, which requires you to sell the old home within nine months of moving out to get full relief. If Covid-19 has delayed your sale beyond this deadline, you may have additional tax to pay.

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