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Operation Phoenix commemorated with plaque

  • 13th September 2023

The Cleethorpes Buck Beck Beach Bench now boasts a meaningful addition, courtesy of Forrester Boyd.

A commemorative plaque, paying homage to the bench's original founders, was recently revealed on Cleethorpes beach. The plaque serves as a testament to the remarkable community spirit demonstrated during Operation Phoenix which saw a huge effort to rebuild the bench following a fire in May.

Upon hearing the news of the fire, our staff were deeply saddened. In the wake of Operation Phoenix's launch, numerous individuals joined forces to rebuild the local landmark. In recognition of the community's collaborative efforts, unity, and determination to restore the bench to its former glory, we felt compelled to contribute something meaningful.

Philip George, Business Development Partner, explains our motivation: "After learning about the fire and witnessing the launch of Operation Phoenix, we felt it would be a fitting gesture to commission a commemorative piece to honor the tireless work of all those involved in rebuilding this beach landmark. We reached out to Zoe Baker, a skilled local carpenter, to bring our ideas to life, and she has exceeded our expectations with this exquisite 3D wooden shield."

The shield features a phoenix rising from the flames, symbolizing resilience, alongside a plaque commemorating the bench's restoration.

Alison Mitchell, Marketing Manager, took the initiative to contact the original founders of the bench and planned to meet with them and present the shield, allowing them to affix it to the bench for everyone's enjoyment.

Nick Albion, one of the bench's original founders, expressed his gratitude, saying, "This is absolutely fantastic. I am deeply touched by Forrester Boyd's thoughtful gesture. When Alison first approached me and shared what they had done, I couldn't contain my immense joy. Operation Phoenix has seen the involvement of so many individuals, many of whom are here today to celebrate this special occasion."

Guy Bryant, another of the original founders, acknowledged the incredible support they received both locally and nationally. He remarked, "It's been the community that rallied together to shape the bench into what it is today, and witnessing this transformation is truly astonishing."

The Buck Beck Beach Bench now proudly stands once more along the Cleethorpes coast, continuing to evolve as a cherished landmark where people from all walks of life visit and make memories.

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