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HMRC withdraws P11D PDF alternative

  • 21st June 2022

HMRC has withdrawn its interactive PDF that businesses have been using to submit up to 150 P11Ds. For 2021/22, former users will instead have to turn to HMRC’s PAYE online service or use commercial payroll software.

The deadline for filing P11Ds to report taxable benefits and expenses for 2021/22 is due very soon, but there is still time to go with one of the alternatives.

P11Ds are not required if all taxable benefits have been payrolled, although it is still necessary to submit the employer declaration (form P11D(b)) to confirm that all the required P11Ds have been filed.

  • Paper returns Although there is no requirement to file P11Ds online, paper returns will only be an option for those employers with just a few returns to file.
  • PAYE online HMRC’s PAYE online service may be the natural choice for businesses that can no longer use the interactive PDF – it can be used for submissions for up to 500 employees. The online service provides more functionality than the decommissioned PDF, such as the ability for an employer to check what is owed, pay bills, see payment history and provide company car details.

The same Government Gateway details can be used for the interactive PDF service.

Payroll software

Since software must be used for payroll purposes, it makes sense to also use the same software to file P11Ds. Not all payroll software has this feature however. If you’re moving from using the interactive PDF it may be a good time to look at changing providers.

Those employers that need to make more than 500 submissions have no choice but to do so using payroll software.


Although not an option for 2021/22 or 2022/23, looking further ahead, the P11D requirement can be avoided by payrolling taxable benefits. However, payrolling might not be as simple as it appears:

  • Registration is required before the start of the tax year;
  • The payroll software used must be able to deal with the payrolling of benefits; and
  • Benefit information has to be available for each pay period.

The starting point for using HMRC’s PAYE online service can be found here.

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