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EducaTED - Part Four

  • 8th February 2024

Forrester Boyd Chartered Accountants and Wilkin Chapman LLP once again collaborated with Fortis Therapy and Training to host the first EducaTED event of 2024.

Attended by over 50 delegates from the education sector, the event featured engaging discussions on education quality, leadership in learning, and the teaching and learning culture amongst many other topics.

Adam Millson, Partner at Forrester Boyd, began the event with an in-depth explanation of financial deficits within schools and academies. Delving into the immediate actions academies should take if faced with financial challenges, Adam stressed the importance of early detection. He also outlined the steps involved in creating a realistic and achievable recovery plan, emphasising the significance of proactive measures for deficit recovery. Attendees gained insights into available financial support and the essential steps academies must take to secure a brighter future.

The event continued with Alexis Powell-Howard from Fortis Therapy and Training, shedding light on therapeutic themes in education and the vital support available for both students and teachers. She also delved into the application of Graham Gibbs Reflective Cycle, offering a unique perspective on enhancing the educational experience.

Former Labour MP, Melanie Onn, then discussed the quality of education and ways to foster inclusivity within the learning environment. Her engaging talk touched on historical perspectives, including insights into past education secretaries in the UK. Melanie also provided a thought-provoking comparison of UK education spending in comparison to other countries.

Wilkin Chapman LLP contributed to the event by exploring the meaning and effectiveness of appraisals. Emphasising the importance of upskilling and investing in staff, they highlighted a diverse range of training opportunities, from online courses to safeguarding training. The speakers also highlighted the crucial role of leadership outlining the qualities that make a good leader.

Stuart Clark, representing Horizon Academy Trust, delivered a compelling presentation on what it means to be a leader of learning. He touched upon key aspects of his job such as data tracking, observation of teaching and learning, and facilitating training, providing a comprehensive understanding of effective educational leadership.

Jonathan Goolden and Emma Hastings-Bray from Wilkin Chapman LLP spoke next, sharing their top tips for handling identity politics within a school environment, explaining guidance published by the Department for Education. Their insights provided valuable perspectives on navigating complex issues within the educational landscape.

The event concluded with Robert Woodgate from John Leggott College, who delved into the teaching and learning culture. He emphasised the evidence-based nature of this practice, driven by quality assurance measures. Robert’s talk provided a thoughtful conclusion to the EducaTED event, with his presentation focusing on fostering a positive and effective learning environment.

EducaTED once again brought together professionals to provide key updates and information concerning the education sector which sparked meaningful discussions and offered practical insights to further enhance the quality of education and leadership in learning.

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