Could you be entitled to R&D tax relief?

  • 14th August 2020

Could changes you have made during the Coronavirus pandemic lead to a successful R&D tax relief claim? You could be entitled to thousands of pounds.

Many businesses have been innovating and adapting their businesses to either continue to trade during the lockdown or to prepare their business to re-open.

Any spend on technological advancements or developing new business processes will more than likely have cost you dearly in a time when you really need that money in your bank. If the project qualifies as innovative you could be entitled to submit a claim for R &D Tax relief.

It is not just costs that you have recently incurred that can be considered for R&D claims however. The spend can be backdated for up to 2 years. If you have invested in project to provide innovation or adaptation of your services, could you claim back £thousands?

Complete our simple checklist to see if a project or investment you have made could qualify.

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