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A Week in the Life of an Auditor

  • 7th November 2023

We asked a member of our Audit team to provide insights into the daily routine of an auditor at Forrester Boyd. Let's take a look at the breadth and diversity of the tasks they undertake on this week-long journey...


My workweek typically begins around 8:30 AM. After catching up on the weekend with the team, I dive into a blend of client calls, emails, and wrapping up loose ends from our previous assignment, which is nearing its conclusion. Today was an early departure for me as I had personal errands to attend to, but worry not, I'll make up for these hours later in the week. It's all about maintaining transparency by updating our calendars and keeping the team in the loop.

Tuesday - Thursday

The bulk of my week unfolds at one of our Academy clients, conveniently located just a half-hour drive from my home. We have the privilege of working with numerous Academy and Charities clients, necessitating audits and internal controls work – a departure from the usual corporate audits. We've got a specialised team we can tap into for any intricate Academy-related matters.

It's a tight-knit team of just two on-site as we diligently tackle year-end audit work, fostering plenty of face-to-face interaction with our clients. This week, we even embarked on a fixed asset inspection and enjoyed a tour, courtesy of my fortunate colleague. Our working hours harmonize with our clients' schedules, and so we wrap up relatively early to avoid the chaotic school drop-off rush – a win-win arrangement.

The only downside, this particular Academy doesn't offer us school dinners, but you can't win them all.


As Friday rolls around, I'm back in the office to tackle the backlog of file work that can accumulate during our client visits. This change of pace is a welcomed opportunity to reconnect with more of the team who've been working at various client sites this week. Our "dress for your day" policy adds a touch of informality to our attire, particularly when we decide that a bacon sandwich run is in order. Trust me, brown sauce and suits don't blend well!

Looking ahead, the next week promises a change of scenery as we head to an Engineering firm. It's a refreshing shift from the school environment, and it's testament to how times have changed – no more lugging around briefcases filled with files. Our online files and software make our jobs significantly more streamlined and save us from the old jests about our extended stays.

In conclusion, a week in the life of an auditor at Forrester Boyd is a dynamic journey through diverse client engagements, teamwork, and the evolving landscape of audit practices. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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