Business acquisition

If you are looking to grow your company or organisation through merger or business acquisition, we can help you with practical advice at every stage of the process, including deal structure and negotiation.

A business acquisition is a common and key growth strategy of many businesses and can immediately increase your market share; diversify your product portfolio; expand your geographical coverage and provide benefits by combining resources and costs.

To help ensure that the process of your business acquisition is properly planned and executed efficiently and confidentially, we can project manage all aspects of the transaction from start to finish.

In addition to standard business purchases we also support Management Buy Outs (the acquisition of a business from its current owner by existing management) and Management Buy Ins (the acquisition of the business by external management).

Our business acquisition services typically include:

  • identifying and contacting potential targets
  • performing a business valuation in order to formulate an offer
  • negotiating the terms and structure of the transaction
  • preparing a detailed business plan and financial forecasts to assist in the raising of appropriate debt and/or equity funds
  • leading discussions and negotiations with potential funders
  • performing financial and taxation due diligence
  • working with your solicitors to finalise the sale and purchase agreement and to complete the transaction.

Financial due diligence

Financial due diligence is commonly performed as part of a business acquisition, investment or lending process and will cover the financial and taxation aspects of your business.

The purpose of the due diligence is to identify any significant actual or potential issues in a business that you, as the buyer, should consider in reaching an informed decision and that an investor or lender will want to take account of.

We undertake financial due diligence for purchasers, investors and for financial institutions to assist in investment and lending decisions. Our financial due diligence work is led by a corporate finance partner and will typically involve corporate, payroll and VAT tax specialists along with pension and human resource specialists, as and when appropriate.

The scope of the financial due diligence will depend upon your specific requirements but will cover the following areas:

  • history and operational
  • human resources
  • management information systems
  • financial information
  • commitments and contingencies
  • taxation.

To discuss your business acquisition plans or to request financial due diligence support as a lender or investor, please contact Mike Beckett on 01482 889400.

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