Staying compliant in an ever changing landscape

The auto enrolment of your employer pension scheme can be an administrative burden that you just don’t need.

It is imperative that you keep your records up to date with new joiners, leavers, those who opt out, calculating pension and employee contributions to ensure that you remain fully compliant with the ever-changing legislation.

We can review your current pension arrangements and then manage the whole process for you.

In addition, our in-house wealth management team can offer Group Pension Plans for larger organisations, managing the process, liaising with employees and offering additional personal wealth management advice where needed.

Do you have a Group Pension Scheme?

If you have a group pension scheme, our wealth management team can provide a full management service for your pension plan, delivering key efficiencies and benefits. When was the last time you benchmarked your existing group pension scheme?

Read more about our Group Pension Plan services.

Are you considering the option of using your pension fund to buy your business premises or give a cash injection into the business? Find out more about how we can help here.