Our App has a benefit for everyone

The free app from Forrester Boyd accountants in Lincolnshire and the Humber Region is so much more than a set of tax tables.

Forrester Boyd was one of the very first accountancy firms in Lincolnshire and the Humber Region to launch a free mobile App. The great news is that this App can be downloaded free onto your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. It’s packed full of really useful tools such as a mileage tracker and an expenses module as well as the usual tax tables, calculators and important financial dates. Access, all of this and more, for free anywhere you have an internet connection on your device.

Get your free App from Forrester Boyd here:

You can download the App completely free of charge using the links or QR codes below:

Once you’ve downloaded the App simply enter the Access Code “FBOYD”


What will the Forrester Boyd Accountancy App do for you?

The App has been carefully designed in response to the growing use of smart phones and mobile devices used by our clients across Lincolnshire and The Humber Region. We wanted to develop a way to keep you up to date with the very latest news, views and tips from Forrester Boyd as well as providing you with key accounting data, in real time, at your fingertips.

The Forrester Boyd App will enable you to calculate the tax on certain company cars or check the amount of tax you might be paying. It will give you the power to check Stamp Duty costs or see how you might increase your profits as a business. You can also browse the library of tax tables, giving you the very latest tax rates 24/7, whenever you need them. From National Insurance and Inheritance Tax to Income Tax and Tax Credits – it’s there for you.

Access the cloud

If you are using Quickbooks Online or Xero you can now access your online accounting direct from your App. You can also access our Client portal, giving you instant access to documents that have been shared between us. Even better, share a document with us by taking a photo on your phone and then logging into the portal via the app to share it there and then. No chance of forgetting to do it at a later date.

Why did Forrester Boyd develop its own App?

Forrester Boyd likes to think that we are a proactive Forrester Boyd of accountants, helping companies and individuals across Lincolnshire and the Humber Region to become more successful, more profitable and ultimately more enjoyable to run. The Forrester Boyd App gives you fantastic content and it makes it really easy to keep in touch. It has a simple ‘arrange to meet’ page, along with all our contact information as well as links to our social media pages.

We hope you enjoy the Forrester Boyd App!