‘Great’ Grimsby?

You may have seen this article in The Guardian recently in which the author picks apart, quite comprehensively, the state of the economic situation in Grimsby and really tries to get to the (fish)bones of the issues surrounding the fall of the fishing industry and the supposed demise of towns reliant on such industries.

Well I’m sorry to disappoint but to paraphrase Mark Twain I believe reports of Grimsby’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

It is fair to say that there are problems. It is also fair to say that the fishing industry has seen better days in a lot of ways. There are however a number of success stories and after Channel 4 and Sacha Baron Cohen have both done their best to portray the town as less than idyllic I believe the business community and the general public are growing weary of the constant Grimsby-bashing.

As mentioned in the aforementioned article a growing number of people are becoming inspired to change the constant negativity surrounding press coverage of the town and do something positive. Whether this is business based or charitable, new start-ups are popping up and people are trying to make a difference.

Not wishing to ‘blow our own trumpet’ here but this is something we have been trying to do for over 80 years not just advising newly formed companies but providing opportunities to local young Grimbarians. Each year we recruit trainees from schools and colleges and a large proportion of managers and partners have ‘come through the ranks’ having joined in the same fashion.

Back to the point in hand though, you may have seen David Ross and Norman Lamont helping lead the Greater Grimsby Project which generated significant media attention at its launch, even a mention from the Prime Minister! Specifically in the Seafood sector there was a heavy local imprint on the Seafood 2040 framework document issued last year to try and help regenerate and create a thriving Seafood industry across the whole of the UK. These projects can only provide an economic boost to the town and area and provide opportunities for new business or growth in traditional enterprises.

But setting up by yourself or single-handedly trying to make Grimsby ‘Great’ again can seem like a mammoth task. However with the right advice you can avoid drowning in the Humber of red tape set up to seemingly confuse small business owners. If your thoughts are more of a charitable nature, we act for over 100 charities and Academies and can advise on all financial aspects of Charity accounts and procedures.

There are a thousand reasons not to make the leap but maybe now is the time? Whether its help writing a business plan or finding somewhere to provide funding to get you off the ground the chances are we’ve seen it all before.

See our business start-up page for full details on how we can help you create your very own thriving business.