Trusts & Estate Planning

Few of us like to think about dying, but equally few of us could live with the thought that we have not made adequate provision for family and friends who survive us.

The legislation that governs passing on your estate to your chosen beneficiaries requires you to plan well in advance. Since none of us knows when we shall die, this means making the necessary provisions now.

Planning to reduce the impact of inheritance tax and ensuring the maximum part of a person’s estate is passed to their chosen beneficiaries rather than HM Revenue and Customs is, for various reasons, often too low a priority.

An unaddressed inheritance tax problem can, though, lead to financial difficulties and concerns for the surviving family members. It is, therefore, important that this area is not overlooked and taking our advice will assist with the preservation of financial security and the avoidance of anxiety whilst hopefully significantly reducing the potential inheritance tax burden.

We can offer IHT and Will planning together with advice on the use of trusts, succession planning for the family business and avoiding any attendant capital gains tax or other tax liabilities that might arise during a re-organisation or restructuring.

Our discreet estate planning service includes:

  • Help with drawing up and reviewing your will
  • Making full use of exemptions and lower tax rates on lifetime transfers
  • Optimising lifetime transfers between spouses
  • Transferring agricultural or business property
  • Transferring assets into trust
  • Arranging adequate life assurance to cover potential inheritance tax liabilities

Trusts and Executorships

Trusts are relatively easy and a very tax efficient way to set aside assets for future beneficiaries and are capable of reducing the impact of inheritance tax.

We can advise on the most suitable type of trust for your purposes, set up trusts, and provide a full range of accounting services for trusts. We can also advise you on the preparation of your will.

Where appropriate, we can act as trustees or executors.

Many of these services are provided through our in-house financial services business, FB Wealth Management Limited.

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