Planning and investing for the future

Many people do not have adequate pension provision to allow them to live the type of retirement they want. The days of starting work at 16, stay with them through to retirement and pick up a pension based on two thirds of your annual salary all for very little personal contribution are long gone.

Now you need to start planning from an early age and take ownership of your own retirement plans. The earlier you gain advice and start planning for your retirement, the more opportunities you have of determining the financial future you want.

Through our in-house financial services business, FB Wealth Management Limited, we will work with you to establish your financial goals and current situation and then provide comprehensive retirement planning advice.

If you are coming up to retirement

Most people think that buying their home is the biggest financial decision they make, but in fact making the right choices at retirement is an even bigger decision and one that you cannot afford to get wrong.

Many people assume that their pension fund will just start paying out on retirement, but in fact you will have to decide where to invest your pension fund and how you want to draw your income. The options can seem complex and the ramifications of your choice affect the rest of your life.

Getting professional and independent advice before you retire will help you to understand what is involved, what your options are and answer any questions you may have. You then can make an informed decision on what is the right option for you.

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