Audit Services

Audits provide reliable and extremely valuable information for businesses and can be the keystone to your business growth and the achievement of your future objectives.  At Forrester Boyd, we deliver comprehensive audit services tapping into our wealth of experience within the practice.

Do you need to be audited?

Changes to the company and LLP audit and reporting requirements in recent years have removed the need for many more companies to have an audit. These changes include –

  • The aligning of audit thresholds with small company accounting thresholds.
  • An option for qualifying parent companies to not have their subsidiaries audited but for the parent to provide a statutory guarantee over the subsidiaries liabilities.
  • Dormant subsidiaries will be exempt from preparing and filing accounts.

Therefore, most small private limited companies don’t need an audit of their annual accounts, unless the company’s Articles of Association say it must, or their shareholders ask for one.

For full details of which companies require an audit please click here.

Why choose Forrester Boyd for your Audit services?

We believe that an audit should deliver more than the standard review of the business and add significant value to the systems, controls and aid the future growth of the company.

Our service is partner led, with interim and full year meetings completed to ensure that we fully understand the company.

We have a dedicated team that we can utilise to complete the audit, and they will be chosen based on their sector expertise. Our teams’ expertise includes the following areas:

We ensure consistency of staff wherever possible, as this strengthens the rapport between the company’s in-house finance team, whilst still ensuring that the professional barrier between the company and the auditor is maintained.

We will work with you to ensure a smooth delivery of our audit and be proactive in our information and advice.

Our Audit process

We look at each audit on a case-by-case basis and this starts with an initial meeting where we will develop an understanding of your business, assess the risks and build our audit strategy.

If problems are identified as the audit is in progress, these will be highlighted through an interim report.

Upon completion of your audit we will deliver a full audit report and our recommendations. We will take you through our findings and ensure you get the best results from these findings and any issues raised.

Contact us for a no obligation discussion about how your business could benefit from our Audit Services.

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Details about our audit registration can be viewed at  under reference C005350347.