As part of our commitment to client care and the local business community we host a series of free events and seminars on relevant business topics.

Are you digitally prepared or digitally scared?

Forrester Boyd and Wilkin Chapman solicitors invite you to attend this FREE seminar which will focus on ‘How to protect your business in the social media sphere’, ‘Making tax digital and Cloud accounting’ and ‘Cyber security’ from our guest speaker Stuart Green.

Event Details

Date: Tuesday 11th July
Venue: UGC Building, Th Grimsby Institute, Nuns Corner, Laceby Road, Grimsby, DN34 5BQ
07:45 Arrival – Tea/Coffee/Breakfast Buns
08:00-08:30 Katie Davies, Partner – Wilkin Chapman LLP
08:30-09:00 Alan Nesbitt, Partner – Forrester Boyd
09:00-09:30 Stuart Green, Managing Director, Stuart J. Green Digital Engineering Ltd
Q & A

You can book on to this event here.


Date: Tuesday 11th July
Venue: Louth Playgoers, Riverhead Theatre, Victoria Road, Louth, LN11 0BX
11:30 Arrival – Tea/Coffee/Biscuits
11:45-12:15 Katie Davies, Partner – Wilkin Chapman LLP
12:15-12:45 Alan Nesbitt, Partner – Forrester Boyd
12:45-13:15 Stuart Green, Managing Director, Stuart J. Green Digital Engineering Ltd
Q & A
Buffet Lunch & Close

You can book on to this event here.

Speaker Profiles

Katie Davies

Social media is a powerful marketing and communication tool.  However, when things go wrong reputations of both employers and employees can be damaged. The seminar will provide delegates with a clear insight into the legal implications of social media in the workplace.

Katie Davies will cover the following during the seminar:

  • How to handle social media in the workplace
  • How to protect your business in the social media sphere

Katie will go through some recent case law decisions and explain, in layman’s terms, the reasoning behind them, so that you have the confidence and knowledge to take formal action, should it be necessary. Katie will also explain how to tailor your procedures and training to protect your business and, as such, reduce the potential for social media abuse.

Alan Nesbitt

At the time of planning the seminar there is some uncertainty about the detail of Making Tax Digital. What is certain, however, is that it is going to happen.  It is also certain that many affected people will avoid thinking about it until last minute panic sets in. By attending this event you can avoid being one of them.

Anyone who remembers George Osborne’s trumpeting of the end of the annual tax return may find it ironic that this “tax simplification” initiative could leave some individuals making six returns/submissions a year. Alan Nesbitt will provide an update on the current position and its likely impact on individuals, landlords and businesses, along with guidance on what you need to be doing to avoid falling foul of the new rules.

Perhaps more importantly he will also demonstrate how businesses and landlords can use Cloud accounting solutions to fulfil their tax obligations and improve their business performance and quality of life. All of this will be presented in a practical, clear, jargon-free manner.

Stuart Green

Stuart is the driving force behind SJG Digital, one of the most active cyber-security specialists in the UK, helping organisations throughout the country develop their defences against cyber attack. Stuart and his team have backgrounds that originate in the MoD and they now provide a unique and highly specialised skill set to their customer base.

With GCHQ-backed certifications such as CESG Certified Professional , Stuart spends much of his time providing specialist hardware and advice to organisations of all sizes all over the UK as they adopt the Government’s Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certifications.

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