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Personnel Services

Having the right person in the right place at the right time is crucial to an organisation’s performance and success.  Unfortunately it can also be extremely problematic.  As one of the area’s leading training organisations and providers of recruitment services to clients, we have built up a wealth of experience and expertise in this area. Based upon this experience I have put together the following top ten tips to help you get the right people into your business.

  1. Take time to gather information on the role you are recruiting for and consider if you really need to replace or if you can distribute the work internally.
  2. Produce a detailed job description to help you focus on exactly what is required and the skills you need in the position and ensure you have a comprehensive list.
  3. Produce a person specification, identifying necessary and desirable criteria, looking at skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience as well as personal qualities required.
  4. Decide on the best media to advertise your role. More and more roles are being filled through online applications rather than press adverts. Advertising is expensive so choose wisely. Make sure you avoid discriminatory adverts!
  5. Match applicants to job description and person specification when deciding who to interview.
  6. Contact applicants by telephone to invite for interview as easiest way for you to fit them into your schedule and confirm appointment by email/in writing.
  7. Ask open questions at the interview. Who, what, where, when, how, why. Otherwise you will get no information!! Probe responses and actively listen. Plan your questions in advance to ensure you get the information you need and invite back for second interview if required.
  8. Make verbal offer and follow up in writing as then you know whether you need to go to your second choice if the position is rejected by your first choice.
  9. Send for references to validate dates, skills and previous positions match what you have been told.
  10. Ask for validation and proof of qualifications as not everyone is honest.

Recruitment is rarely easy. However by systematically following these tips it should become less difficult. If not you can always give me a call to see how I might be able to help.

For more information and further advice on recruitment please contact Chantelle Ellis on 01472 350601.